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Aspen Contour TM TLSO/ LSO

Aspen Contour TM TLSO/ LSO

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  • This product needs to be applied by a trained clinician and cannot be purchased direct, please contact Customer Services for further information

Indications for use
  • Motion restriction of the thoracic and lumbar regions
Features and benefits


The Contour™ TLSO is simple to apply and use. The shoulder straps along with the one-push release button facilitate easy donning and doffing. Accessible adjustment points tailor the brace to each patient’s.


The Contour TLSO provides superior motion restriction, covering the spine from T9 to the sacro coccygeal junction. Unlimited adjustability ensures proper brace performance for virtually any body shape and size.


The Contour™ TLSO is comfortable, a main factor in patient compliance. Increases in patient compliance promote better patient outcomes and improved care.

Measurements and Fitting

The main measurement is waist size. There are four stock sizes of the base Quikdraw component (Small to Extra Large). Extra Small and Extra Extra Large are available on request.

The Contour TLSO is a step down system and accommodates the patient as they rehabilitate and require less and less support.

Add to these your choice of back panel, anterior panel, and TLSO components according to your patients shape and size.

We will then assemble these in 'loose fit' before delivery, so that when you receive the brace all you have to do make the final adjustments and tighten screw and straps as appropriate.

LSO Option

Contour is also available as an LSO, providing support from L1 down to S1. Size as per TLSO but delete shoulder strap and chest panel.

Contact us with a sternal notch to navel measurement to order