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Aspen Cervical Collar

Aspen Cervical Collar

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  • This product needs to be applied by a trained clinician and cannot be purchased direct, please contact Customer Services for further information

Indications for use
  • Post-trauma
  • Stable Cervical Fractures
  • Cervical Spondylitis
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • R/A & O/A Cervical Spine
  • Herniated Cervical Disc
  • Post-operation
  • Motor Neurone Disease
Features and benefits
  • Combination of low density / high density polyethylene outer shell effectively limits fl exion, extension, rotation and lateral motions
  • Self-adjusting chin piece and adjustable support tabs distribute pressure to the mandibles and upper chest by conforming to each patients physiology
  • Tightening the patented Occipital Support StrapTM creates anadjustable shelf that conforms to and supports the patientsocciput providing a customised fit
  • Breathable cotton-lined open cell foam pads wick perspiration away from the skin
  • Versatile front and back components are interchangeable
  • X-ray and MRI compatible
  • Replacement liners available
  • Paediatric sizes available


Sizing Options
Size Chin To Shoulder Depth (MM) Model Number
Short 57 0408
Regular 76 0410
Tall 96 0412
Extra Tall 114 0414
Rep Pad Set Universal 0428

Cover and Pad Set
Size Model Number
Short 0508
Regular 0510
Tall 0512
Extra Tall 0514

Replacement Back Panel
Size Model Number
Small 0484
Standard 0486
Large 0488