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VEA-ROM Knee Brace

VEA-ROM Knee Brace

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  • This product needs to be applied by a trained clinician and cannot be purchased direct, please contact Customer Services for further information

Indications for use
  • Post-op rehabilitation
  • Post-trauma control & stabilisation
Features and benefits
  • Dial-in ROM hinge design 100 increments, no tools required
  • Hinges can be locked at any angle
  • Detachable hinges allow respositioning to maintain correct alignment
  • Lightweight aluminium uprights can be contoured to accommodate individual knee anatomy whilst ensuring medial/lateral stability
  • Choice of 3 lengths
Sizing Options
Size Approx Leg Circ Model Type Model Number
Small 350 430mm Length VRK/173
Medium 380 430mm Length VRK/175
Large 430 430mm Length VRK/177
X-Large 480 430mm Length VRK/178
XX-Large 560 430mm Length VRK/179
Small 350 510mm Length VRK/203
Medium 380 510mm Length VRK/205
Large 430 510mm Length VRK/207
X-Large 480 510mm Length VRK/208
XX-Large 560 510mm Length VRK/209
Small 350 590mm Length VRK/233
Medium 380 590mm Length VRK/235
Large 430 590mm Length VRK/237
X-Large 480 590mm Length VRK/238
XX-Large 560 590mm Length VRK/239