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Carbon Supra-Lite AFO

Carbon Supra-Lite AFO

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  • This product needs to be applied by a trained clinician and cannot be purchased direct, please contact Customer Services for further information

Indications for use
  • Flaccid foor drop
  • Post stroke patients
Features and benefits

This new injection moulded, carbon-reinforced polypropylene AFO has been designed to fit patients requiring an AFO for flaccid foot drop

Lightweight, comfortable design with carbon rebound feature provides dorsiflexion, and the open heels allow it to fit in most shoes.

Padded tibial crest and dorsum straps enable accurate and secure positioning.

Low profile, dorsiflexion assist design

Increased rigidity in vertical aspect

4 sizes to fit the vast majority of patients

Sizing Options
Size Footplate Length (MM) Brace Height (MM) Model Type Model Number
Small 240 265 Left B/3520
Medium 280 285 Left B/3521
Large 280 330 Left B/3522
X-Large 300 390 Left B/3523
Small 240 265 Right B/3525
Medium 280 285 Right B/3526
Large 280 330 Right B/3527
X-Large 300 390 Right B/3528