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Rebecca MacBride

Customer Service Assistant

My name is Rebecca MacBride and I specialise in a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.... although I do make a mean carrot cake and enjoy tackling intricate account queries. Just call me Miss Marple...

Me in less than 50 words

I am a slightly manic, completely knackered, rapidly approaching middle age, mum of 1, who comes to work Monday to Wednesday for a break but I wouldn’t change a thing.

My favourite all time film

My favourite all time film differs and changes dependant on what I last watched but I always revert back to Top Gun.. Fast planes, motorbikes and men in uniform.. say no more..

3 things I would take to a desert island
  • Bed
  • Family
  • Camera
My prized possession

My family. Not really a possession but the one thing I couldn’t live without.

I bet you didn't know that

Too much Guinness makes your poo black

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