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Kevin Bailey

Procurement Manager

My name is Kevin Bailey and I specialise in logistics & drinking tea.

Me in less than 50 words

I describe myself as professional person who takes the important things in life seriously but also have an immature outlook on the fun side of things. I appreciate what I have & don’t lust after what isn’t important...apart from cars, money & clothes.

My favourite all time film

My favourite all time film is Predator, I love 80s action films & nobody does it better than Arnie trying to catch an alien.

3 things I would take to a desert island
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Volleyball called Wilson for company.
  • A pirate hat grrrrr
My prized possession

My prized possession is my sky remote. Its so highly prized as its rare I ever get to use it!!

I bet you didn't know that

I used to be a choirboy for the local church

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