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Kelly Halsall

Product & Marketing Director

My name is Kelly Halsall and I specialise in developing, delivering and maintaining marketing strategies to meet company objectives, oh and shopping – self-proclaimed shopaholic!

Me in less than 50 words

I love bopping to music, mainly from the 90’s. The glass is always half full, with a full one on its way. I am allergic to idiots but people and their life stories fascinate me. I really want to learn one foreign language by the end of the year.

My favourite all time film

Bad Boys 2 – I am laughing as I type thinking about it

3 things I would take to a desert island
  • A solar powered i-Pad (Apple -- if you are reading this the royalties are mine)
  • Bear Grylls
  • Swing Ball Set
My prized possession

My walkman, so I can happily play all my ‘one time only’ tapes on – so stuck in the 90’s!

I bet you didn't know that

Beagle Orthopaedic was named so after our Managing Director had purchased a puppy beagle named Archie.

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