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Anne Marie Gibson

Area Sales Manager (Scotland)

My name is Anne Marie Gibson and I specialise in is always being the one to ask the stupid question at the sales meeting.

Me in less than 50 words

I’m bright and chatty (that’s just my opinion). My friends say I’m friendly, helpful, impatient and have a hugely annoying OCD problem and that’s on a good day. Prior to moving into the wonderful world of medical sales I worked in the NHS, for more years than I’m willing to say! I specialised in Orthopedics working mostly in trauma, in all of the Glasgow hospitals. The last few years I worked as Sister in Orthopaedic Out patients.

My favourite all time film

Lake House, I think (perhaps I should’ve added indecisive onto the above)

3 things I would take to a desert island
  • Huge crate of expensive white wine
  • Moisturiser tinted of course.
  • A David Baldacci Book
My prized possession

Is my beautiful horse - Waldesrand (Mr) and Lola my little dog

I bet you didn't know that

I presented at the Orthopaedic Nursing Conference in Bolyn, Italy

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