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This week we received a lovely letter from a gentleman who had been experiencing awful problems with his current spinal collar.  It had been causing a terrible rash and was becoming very uncomfortable. 


Our National Sales Manager, John Cox arranged to see him at his local hospital along with his clinician to try him with an Aspen Vista Collar.  The results speak volumes, he is now much more comfortable and the skin irritation is healing nicely. 


Does this pose a question that when purchasing products should the patient or cost be at the forefront of our minds?   Wrong or low quality products can lead to complications and increased cost in the long run, surely the right way is to invest in the right product from the very start? 


Here at Beagle we believe that Quality matters, whether it is from one of our world renowned suppliers or from our own manufacturing team.  As all our manufacturing is done on site right here in Blackburn, Lancashire, we control every stage from sourcing the raw materials to the finished product.  We would like to hear your thoughts, what is important to you?

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Welcome to Our First Beagle Blog

Welcome to the first blog post from the Beagle Team.  We have started a blog to gain your thoughts and views on our products and the website and to give you the opportunity of communicating with us so that we can improve the service we provide. 


We have a long-standing history of working with Clinicians to develop new and innovative designs for products.  We are a very open and friendly company and we actively recognise the end goal of improving the quality of life to all.


We  would like to hear about our existing products; how they are working for you?  What improvements could we make?  As we are in the enviable position of having our manufacturing and design team on site,  we can react quickly and make adaptations to any of our manufactured goods. So if you need something larger, smaller, longer or shorter we can do that for you!  However, we do have to point out that we are not clinicians and cannot give any advice on any medical conditions.


Also is there anything that you would find helpful that we can add to the web site, any ideas would be welcomed. 


To say thank you for your views and comments we have a special discount code for any purchases made on the web site between now and the end of the year you will receive 5% off your order by entering blog5


We will also be posting information on new products as they come onto the market and interesting articles to share with you, so look out for them in the coming months!


Looking forward to all Your Comments and Suggestions


The Beagle Team J

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