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Beagle Orthopeadic was launched in 2008 and since the exodus started in 1997 more than 1.5 million manufacturing jobs in the UK have been lost. Manufacturing must be encouraged to develop and prosper in Britain. The big companies encouraged to return, and join us to create conditions in which British manufacture will prosper. Only then will this give the British Economy a real chance of recovery.

Historically, Britain was enviable in the manufacturing world and fought long and hard to build and protect. Now, in a climate where more and more products are being lost to Far East manufacture, we at Beagle, are joining the rally toward ‘buying British.’

           We set ourselves the challenge to provide superior orthopaedic products manufactured in the UK. It’s been an interesting and exciting task putting together a high-quality manufacturing operation, based in Blackburn, Lancashire utilising local skills. It’s been a progressive 4 years and we now believe we are making a difference. Certainly with the customer, who can order bespoke products to their own clinical specification for their own department.


What makes us different?
'We believe that a products provenance is of the utmost importance. Producing quality orthopaedic goods made by skilled machinists and using premium materials keeping skills alive in the UK before we lose them forever.'

'Because the product is produced on site, we can tailor goods to suit individual hospital needs. Not all patients are the same, if you need your product longer, wider, additional straps, in a different material, sky blue & pink with yellow dots then we are the company to come to!'

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